Windsor Half Marathon 2019

What allegedly started out as a drunken conversation between Ned Clark and friends, quickly escalated into a challenge.

While Ned doesn’t remember agreeing to or even talking about running a half marathon, alas the entries were lodged by friends who thought it would be good to see two unfit OWs struggle their way around Windsor.

With two entries to the 2019 Windsor Half Marathon landing on the doorstep with just over a fortnight until the event, reputations were at stake.

Alas, no records were in danger of being broken but Ned Clark and Ben Cope (Orange – 2000) took on the challenge, both recording their longest ever runs on Windsor’s hilly half.

Ned crossed the line with a brilliant time of 1:41.49 and Ben finished in 1.56.49. There are no plans to repeat this performance, although alcohol can make you do strange things.